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How Can Joe Biden Win More Votes from Non-Religious Americans?

Apr 23, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

We already know that most American voters with no religious affiliation support Democrats. Roughly 68% of the “Nones” supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. But that’s lower than the percentage of white evangelicals who backed Donald Trump (81%) even though our numbers are roughly the same. (Nones, evangelicals, and Catholics are each about 23% of the population.)

That means there’s a lot of room for someone like Joe Biden to pick up votes from the Nones.

How can he do that? What issues should he support? Would reaching out to atheists and agnostics backfire on him?

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3 comments on “How Can Joe Biden Win More Votes from Non-Religious Americans?

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    Cairsley says:

    One thing Mr Biden can do to attract more support from the religiously unaffiliated, without getting involved in a quagmire of religious differences, is to shore up the constitutional separation of politics from religion and to commit himself to repairing the damage done during the current presidency to that wall of separation. He has not impressed me as being particularly religious himself, and the plutocratically managed political establishment, of which he has long been a member, will not mind if he insists on respecting the Constitution on this point. I do not expect Mr Biden to be notably innovative, let alone revolutionary, in his presidential goals, but restoring adherence to the Constitution in such a matter as this, where it has been actively defied under the present president, should be something that both he and his plutocratically supervised party can easily accommodate. The religiously unaffiliated will appreciate that assurance of their freedom of conscience alongside their religious fellow citizens.

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  • Sincerely, I would vote for warm excrement in a shoe before voting for our current president, President Barf.

    Biden was not my first choice; but, again, I just don’t care. This four-year-long Twilight Zone episode needs to end already.

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  • I hate it when I’m occasionally gobsmacked that this selfish, divisive bigot was ever elected. But it does me no good to ruminate. We just have to hope that it doesn’t happen again.

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