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Religious freedom groups question governor’s day of prayer declaration

Apr 10, 2020

By Sarah Kay LeBlanc

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds declared Thursday a day of prayer as the state continues to battle the coronavirus, but one group says that’s not her place.

During her daily press conference Thursday morning, Reynolds asked Iowans to pray for protection, healing, grace and peace.

“This has been a challenging time for all of us but with God’s grace there is always a promise of hope,” she said.

Interfaith Alliance of Iowa executive director Connie Ryan said the group was alarmed by the governor’s proclamation and that it’s not the role of elected officials to promote religion.

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One comment on “Religious freedom groups question governor’s day of prayer declaration”

  • Many of you know I was raised without religion. This is the kind of theist nonsense I have faced all of my life, and my way of dealing with it is much more personal. I apply the advice in a non-theist way.

    When others bow their heads to pray, I reflect. Personally, I think that is what group prayer is: a concerted effort to reflect, they just like to believe there is a mystical party involved. Meh, whatever. I like the idea of reflecting in a group. Kinda like a guided meditation.


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