"Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Hosting Believer's Voice of Victory" by Kenneth Copeland Ministries / CC BY-SA 3.0

Televangelist Copeland Thanks Gullible Rubes For Buying Him New Jet Airplane

Apr 27, 2020

By Michael Stone

Jesus Needs Money: After warning his followers that even if they lose their job because of the coronavirus pandemic they must keep giving him money because Jesus needs money, sleazy televangelist Kenneth Copeland thanks his donors for buying him a new jet airplane.

Right Wing Watch reports:

Multi-millionaire televangelist Kenneth Copeland tells his “partners” (i.e. donors) that they deserve all the credit for buying him one of the finest private jets in the world.

… You like my pretty suit? You should! You bought it!

Well, which is more important? The one that wore the suit or the one that paid for it? Are you listening to me? I know you are. Praise God.

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