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A Majority of White Evangelicals Trust Donald Trump for Coronavirus News

May 15, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

More than half of white evangelicals (51.7%) say they rely on Donald Trump for news about the coronavirus… in case you need more reason to never trust their judgment about anything.

Writing for Christianity Today, Ryan P. Burge highlights how white evangelicals are far less likely to trust public health officials — doctors and scientists and epidemiologists — than the public at large when it comes to virus news.

Instead, they want Trump’s lies injected directly into their veins like it’s bleach.

The Trump administration was named by white evangelicals as the source they would most likely rely on as a major source of news. That was followed by national news networks and local news outlets. Public health officials were the fourth most consulted source.

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3 comments on “A Majority of White Evangelicals Trust Donald Trump for Coronavirus News

  • People who believe what Trump says constitute a self-selected group of potential Darwin Award winners. Like him they spurn masks and physical distancing and they all seem to fit a narrow socio – economic profile, which suggests that their networks of social contact might be relatively introverted.

    Uneducated as they undoubtedly are, these maga truckers are far more vulnerable to Covid19 than cautious, self-isolating people. The irony here is that Trump’s fuelling of the pandemic is likely to cull selectively exactly the voters he needs to stay in power.

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  • The religious swallow instruction from costumed con-men. It isn’t so surprising that they do the same with President Dumbbell, who, like the clergy, fleeces his unthinking flock.

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  • When someone believes that the little god-virus in their brain created the whole universe for their personal benefit, and wants a lifetime of prayer and adoration in gratitude, – with a bonus of angel points counting towards a promised utopian holiday to be delivered when the they dead –  in exchange for a lifetime of servitude recruiting more followers to the Ponzi scheme, –  is it really surprising that they worship a basic con-man like Trump!

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