"Atheism Logo" by NuclearVacuum / CC BY-SA 3.0

Atheist “A” Logo Found Near Graffiti at Site of Burned Down Mississippi Church

May 22, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

We posted yesterday about how the First Pentecostal Church in Holly Springs, Mississippi had burned to the ground shortly after the church sued the city over its stay-at-home orders, which were stricter than those for the state as a whole. (That lawsuit was prompted by police going into the church during a Bible study and Easter service after members refused to respect social distancing requirements.)

The alleged arsonist was said to have left graffiti on the parking lot reading “Bet you stay home now you hypokrits [sic].”

There’s no indication about who did this. I’ve heard conspiracy theories abound about how a church member may have done this to bolster the claims of persecution, but there’s no evidence of that.

But here’s a disturbing new wrinkle in the story:

A photograph of the graffiti also appears to show an atomic symbol with an “A” in the center, which is sometimes used as a logo for atheist groups.

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