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Former Pope: Same-Sex Marriage Comes From the Antichrist

May 7, 2020

By Trudy Ring

The former Pope Benedict XVI has called same-sex marriage a product of the Antichrist and said society has become so hostile to Christian doctrine that it will shun anyone who opposes equal marriage rights.

The statement comes in a new authorized biography of Benedict by German journalist Peter Seewald. Titled Benedict XVI: The Biography: Volume One, it came out Monday in Germany, the former pope’s native country.

The quote is from an interview Benedict did with Seewald, his frequent collaborator, in 2018. “One hundred years ago, everybody would have considered it to be absurd to speak of a homosexual marriage. Today, one is being excommunicated by society if one opposes it,” he said, according to a translation published in PinkNews.

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7 comments on “Former Pope: Same-Sex Marriage Comes From the Antichrist

  • I can’t quite figure out why anyone, let alone same-sex couples, wants to get married any more.

    Marriage was just the churches way of sticking their fingers into yet another part of life. Want to have a relationship or a baby? Have to get married in a church first. Had a baby? It must be named in a church. Becoming an adult? Church ceremony. Died? Church ceremony…

    People were happily having relationships long before the church showed up.

    And most places have a legal-status equivalent anyway.

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    @OP – The former Pope Benedict XVI has called same-sex marriage a product of the Antichrist and said society has become so hostile to Christian doctrine that it will shun anyone who opposes equal marriage rights.

    We should remember that this is the Vatican which runs courses training priests in exorcism! –  Permission of a bishop is required “to exclude the possibility of mental illness ( allegedly in those subjected to the exorcism,  although some of us may draw other conclusions).


    The Catholic Church authorizes the use of exorcism for those who are believed to be the victims of demonic possession. In Roman Catholicism, exorcism is a sacramental. . . . .  .

    Those guidelines were later revised by the Vatican in 1999 as the demand for exorcisms increased.

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  • I can’t quite figure out why anyone, let alone same-sex couples, wantsto get married any more.


    Getting married for some is specifically a public declaration with a thousand years of culture and art behind it. “Marriage” hasn’t become a slut by being abused by priests and I will be happy to see it returned whole to secular hands.

    For some the public ritual and special name is like the promise you make about going on a diet for the good of your health. It is all the more easy to stick to as a public commitment. People, not just your near friends, are witness to your mutual endeavours and are rooting for you.

    Married or Civil Union? Surprisingly, though marriage was originally about property, civil union is too, whilst marriage was being rehabilitated as a love thing.

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  • One reason that marriage, at least civil marriage persists in the US is because of our disgusting health insurance situation. Except for the poor, our health insurance comes by way of our jobs. Right away, young couples who would like to start having kids, realizes that when she quits her job she will instantly lose her health insurance at one time in her life she needs it the most. Her husband now needs to add her to his policy through his job and to do that he needs to produce a proper marriage certificate. Yes! I’ve had to send mine for official translation and get a copy to my husband’s company’s human resource dept.

    Remember, also, we have little to none maternity leave policy.

    When little ones arrive their birth certificates will be viewed by the human resource dept so they can be added onto the company sponsored health insurance policy.

    My husband was retirement age two years ago but kept working so we can keep our health insurance policy. He will retire later this year and we’ll pay about $600-$700/month to carry my single policy. This will go on for four years until I qualify by age for medicare.

    This is just one reason to get legally married in the US that I will assume doesn’t matter for Europeans. There are probably more legalities that trip up people who wouldn’t otherwise be bothered with marriage and then they give in to the path of least resistance.

    Something else that I’ve noticed here is that there is a culture of conspicuous consumption in the wedding industry and many young people buy right into it, spending massive amounts of money on a one day, all about me, princess party. Why the parents hand over tens of thousands of dollars for this five hour drunken bash is absolutely beyond me but I notice that the moms that are involved in these absurdities appear to be having the time of their lives. Not to mention the substantial expense of being a guest! 

    When I asked my niece and then later my nephew what made them want to go through the ridiculous farce they had no good reasons and couldn’t explain to me what those elements of the tradition actually represent. Dad walking the bride down the aisle and handing her over to new husband, the white dress, a religious cleric sanctifying the marriage,  “You may now kiss the bride” etc.  They had no idea why I was disgusted with these traditions.

    It’s enough to make a second wave feminist break down sobbing.

    I suppose the LGBT community is also affected by these factors.


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  • Yet “marriage” is what cultures want it to be. It has no supernatural power of a self correcting essence. Through the 20th century in Western cultures it built on emerging nineteenth century romanticism to reject the ideas of marriage as some inter-familial business deal. Elopement became an understood and romantic act. Vows have increasingly become bi-lateral. Gay marriage explodes any sexism to being given away. I have seen this increasingly rare symbolic relic transformed into friends giving away one of theirs, and in one instance a rather sweet “accepting into” each others families.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think polyamory looks a good option for many folk and being single with occasional recreation works too. Vanilla twosomes need no license. But the talisman of a public ritual has something going for it. Gay marriage at last honours maybe the birth of romantic love, the pledge between soldiers in the Greek gymnasiums to care for the other in loneliness and with their life, guarding each others backs, a life as important as your own.

    Don’t let the manipulators fashion the cage for others. Leonore, Orpheus for the romantic age, set all married folk free.

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  • Mr Ratzinger and his friends seem to think that they should decide what marriage is for everyone else. They are forgetting that marriage is a legal contract, and laws are made by governments.

    What kind of laws governments pass is often a reflection of the local culture, as Phil says. Governments sometimes have to change the law in response to public pressure. So as same sex relationships have become better understood and more widely accepted, naturally more and more national governments have decided to legalise same sex marriage (which is a good thing in my view).

    In France, it is possible to legally marry a dead person. Although I wouldn’t necessarily support that idea myself, it does at least illustrate that it is governments that decide what marriage is, and not the clergy.

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