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President Trump’s Favorability Ratings Recede from March’s Peak

May 8, 2020

By PRRI Staff

New data from PRRI shows that President Donald Trump’s favorability rating has dropped seven points over the last four weeks. Today, just over four in ten (43%) Americans hold mostly or very favorable views of Trump, compared to a 54% majority who hold mostly or very unfavorable views of him. In mid-March, Trump’s favorable rating was 49%, the highest at any point since 2015, and the first time in PRRI polling that Americans have been more likely to say they have a favorable than the unfavorable view (46%).

Trump benefited from a brief “rally around the flag” effect as the coronavirus pandemic began to spread in the U.S. But over the last four weeks — as the total number of reported U.S. cases of the coronavirus increased exponentially from around 33,000 cases to more than 900,000 cases — this boost has rapidly dissipated.[1]Trump’s current favorability rating (43%) is similar to the 40% of Americans who held favorable views of him in February shortly after he was acquitted of impeachment charges, and the 41% of Americans who held favorable views of him between March and December 2019.

As part of our analysis, PRRI analyzed Trump favorability in relationship to the per capita incidences of COVID-19 cases at the county level.[2]Generally speaking there is an inverse relationship between the rates of COVID-19 cases and holding favorable views of Trump. Americans who live in counties with higher rates of COVID-19 cases (more than the median number of cases per capita) are less likely than those who live in counties with lower rates (fewer than the median number of cases per capita) to hold a favorable view of Trump (42% vs. 52%).

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