"Rev. Franklin Graham" by Matt Johnson / CC BY 2.0

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham praises Trump attack on protestors & chastises Christians instead

Jun 11, 2020

By Bil Browning

Anti-LGBTQ evangelical leader Franklin Graham has come out swinging after President Donald Trump unleashed federal troops on peaceful protesters so he could take photos outside of a church holding a Bible. Ministers were forced off church property so the president could pose the holy book.

Christian leaders from around the globe have condemned the desecration of sacred ground, but Graham is marching in lockstep with Trump and chastising Christians who have spoken out against the violence.

Graham was an early Trump supporter who has regularly touted the president as a role model and made excuses for Trump’s behavior.

“I was asked if I was offended by the president walking out of the White House, which is his back yard, and walking over to St. John’s Church,” Graham wrote in an op-ed for Stream. “Offended? Not at all. This made an important statement that what took place the night before in the burning, looting, and vandalism of the nation’s capital — including this historic house of worship — mattered, and that the lawlessness had to end.”

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