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Just 27% of registered voters think President Donald Trump is a religious man, poll finds

Jun 12, 2020

By William Cummings

Many people of faith in the U.S, particularly Evangelical Christians, regard President Donald Trump as an ally in the White House. But only 27% of voters think Trump is himself religious, according to a Politico/Morning Consult tracking poll released Wednesday.

Seventeen percent in the survey said they “somewhat agree” that Trump is religious and another 10% said they “strongly agree” that he is. Fifty-five percent did not agree, 14% saying they “somewhat disagree,” 41% said they “strongly disagree” and 18% said they didn’t know or had no opinion. Among voters who identified as Christian, 34% thought the president is religious, 12% of them strongly, and 50% did not.

Two out of five Evangelicals agreed Trump is religious, making them the subgroup with the highest percentage believing so. Sixteen percent of them said they strongly agree he is religious, and 24% said they somewhat agree. Sixty-two percent of Catholics said the president is not religious.

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2 comments on “Just 27% of registered voters think President Donald Trump is a religious man, poll finds

  • “So, I think maybe I have, from the standpoint that I see so much that I can do,” he [Trump] replied. “I’ve done so much for religion.”  June 03, 2020

    Oh my goodness! An honest answer!

    It doesn’t matter what the religious right thinks of Trump’s personal commitment to being a Christian (and let’s be clear: there are no other belief systems being considered here).  The only thing that matters is how their guy can further the religious right’s agenda.

    Onward, Christian soldiers!

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