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Christian Pastor and Wife Plead Guilty in Convenience Store Embezzling Scheme

Jul 2, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

A Missouri pastor and his wife just got charged in a huge embezzling scheme, and for once, the church wasn’t involved in the scam.

Here’s the backstory: A few years ago, the owner of two Doc’s Stop gas station and convenience stores hired Jeanine Poe to manage them. In 2015, however, Poe told the owner things weren’t going well and he needed to invest more of his money into both stores, which he did.

By 2019, things had still not improved financially, so the owner asked a trusted friend to investigate the situation. What they discovered was shocking:

[Poe] had obtained at least seven credit cards in the name of the businesses, conducted transactions on the credit cards, and paid for such transactions with funds from the businesses. All of the credit cards opened by Jeanine Poe had reached their maximum allowable credit limit, and many times were used by Jeanine and William Poe for expenses that were entirely unrelated to the operation of the businesses (such as trips and personal expenses). One of the credit cards was in William Poe’s name. The owner also discovered that large amounts of cash were being fraudulently electronically transferred from his businesses’ bank account to Jeanine Poe’s personal bank account.

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