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Humanist Candidate Jillian Freeland Will Face GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn in Election

Jul 1, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

Since 2007, Rep. Doug Lamborn has represented Colorado’s 5th District in Congress. This is a guy who has argued Humanist chaplains should not be allowed in the military because the “chaplain corps is historically a religious institution.” His protests led to the rejection of one well-qualified applicant in 2018.

One reason he’s been able to promote this form of Christian Nationalism is because he represents a fairly red district. In 2018, he won his race with nearly 60% of the votes.

This time around, he may have a tougher battle. Running unopposed on the Democratic side and officially winning the primary last night was Jillian Freeland.

Freeland is a women’s healthcare provider and local leader running in her first major election, but it’s also worth noting that she’s openly Humanist.

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