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Nigerian Preacher Sues Atheist for $52 Million for Challenging Her Harmful Ideas

Jul 14, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

A preacher and self-styled “Lady Apostle” named Helen Ukpabio, who has been accused of promoting the idea that babies can be possessed by demons — allegedly leading her followers to torture babies — is suing one of her critics for tens of millions of dollars.

In 2009, she sued Nigerian atheist activist Leo Igwe after members of her organization, the Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries, attacked him during a conference he organized all about stopping child abuse connected with allegations of witchcraft. I repeat: She sued him… because her church’s members were arrested that day, which she took to be an infringement of her religious freedoms.

Igwe wrote about his recollections of that incident last year:

It was at this point that other church members descended on me including those who were seated, and whom I thought were participants. They punched me on my chest, head, and waist. They snatched my bag and broke my eyeglasses. Not too long after they made away with my bag and personal items, some police officers arrived, dispersed the crowd and arrested some persons.

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