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Satanists: We’ll Sue if Mississippi Puts “In God We Trust” on Its New Flag

Jul 9, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

Late last month, Mississippi lawmakers decided they would retire their old racist flag with a Confederate symbol on it and choose a new one in the near future.

After getting rid of the symbol, there was just one rule: The new flag had to include the words “In God We Trust.”

That’s not going to happen without a legal fight. The Satanic Temple has announced they plan to sue the state if lawmakers move forward with a religious flag. According to a letter sent to Attorney General Lynn Fitch last week, the group’s lawyer explained the concern:

… While the Satanic Temple supports the removal of the Confederate flag, removing one divisive symbol of exclusion only to replace it with a divisive phrase of exclusion does not eliminate exclusion, but rather moves it from one group to a collection of others.

My client would like to suggest that if Mississippi is going to place a religious phrase on its flag, it should include reference to Satan

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