"Ilhan Omar" by Lorie Shaull / CC BY-SA 4.0

State Director Of Christian Right Legislative Group, ‘Project Blitz,’ Calls For Lynching Of Rep. Ilhan Omar

Jul 13, 2020

By Frederick Clarkson

This began as a story about a Christian Right leader who joined in calling for a Member of Congress and others to be hanged for treason. And then it got interesting.

In a recent Facebook post (since taken down) Rev. Dale Witherington, the State Director of the Minnesota action arm of the Christian Right state legislative campaign, Project Blitz, agreed with a commenter (and Facebook friend) that U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) “needs to be Hung.” He added, “I can think of other treasonous persons who can join that parade.”

The political blog Bluestem Prairie which broke the story, posted a screenshot of the inflammatory comments. The comments were scrubbed the next day, soon after they were tweeted by religion scholar André Gagné of Concordia University in Montreal. A few hours later, the entire post was taken down along with all of the 47 other comments.

We had no idea we were racing Witherington’s apparent growing awareness that his agreement with a call for the lynching of a Member of Congress and others might catch up with him—and that he’d have to scramble to cover his tracks.

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