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Trans Pastor Junia Joplin Fired From Baptist Church for “Theological Reasons”

Jul 24, 2020

By Val Wilde

Last month, Pastor Junia “June” Joplin took a leap of faith when she came out as a transgender woman to her congregation at Lorne Park Baptist Church in Misissauga, Ontario.

It’s been a rough landing.

After five months in limbo, during which she remained the church’s lead pastor but was not permitted to preach or lead services, Joplin’s future with the church was put to a vote. That’s an indignity on its own: to have her future career and calling put a public opinion poll, carried out by people who reported no complaints about her work when they thought she was a cis man.

The congregation was split nearly in half, but with 52% of the congregation saying they no longer wanted her around, she was left unemployed.

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