"Ultra-orthodox Jews in Brooklyn" by diluvi.com Anna i Adria / CC BY 2.0

Ultra-Orthodox Parties Seethe After Vote on LGBTQ Conversion Therapy

Jul 22, 2020

By Jonathan Lis and Aaron Rabinowitz

Ultra-Orthodox parties condemned Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s Kahol Lavan party for its support of a bill banning so-called conversion therapy for the LGBTQ community, defying the coalition’s stance, and threatened consequences including cutting ties with the coalition.

In response to the vote, the ultra-Orthodox Shas party said it would not attend any parliament votes until further notice, blaming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud for failing to enforce coalition discipline. The second ultra-Orthodox party, United Torah Judaism, said it “cut all cooperation” with Kahol Lavan.

Likud Minister David Amsalem said following the preliminary passing of the bill on Wednesday that Kahol Lavan “is cracking the coalition and leading us to an election”, adding that “Gantz is aiming there directly, this is impudence and audacity.”

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