"US Supreme Court West Facade" by Matt Wade / CC BY-SA 3.0

Abortion, transgender rights likely to land back before Supreme Court

Aug 13, 2020

By Robert Barnes

The Supreme Court’s rulings from a momentous just-completed term already are altering the nation’s legal landscape, almost assuring that issues such as abortion and transgender rights will be returning to the high court.

In the past week, lower courts have resurrected controversial abortion restrictions in Arkansas, stopped a Vermont program that disfavored students at religious high schools and ordered a Florida school district to change its policy banning transgender students from the restrooms of their choice.

All were based on the Supreme Court’s decisions reached just weeks ago. And especially on transgender rights and abortion, they raise issues that seem to warrant the justices’ continued attention.

The most consequential regards abortion, and whether Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s pivotal vote striking down a Louisiana law actually paved the way for courts to approve restrictions that have been enacted elsewhere.

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