Jerry Falwell Jr." by Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0

Falwell’s use of yacht comes under scrutiny

Aug 21, 2020

By Maggie Severns and Brandon Ambrosino

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. has repeatedly used a 164-foot yacht owned by NASCAR mogul Rick Hendrick for family vacations after the university committed to a lucrative sponsorship deal with Hendrick Motorsports, according to former and current Liberty employees and social media posts by the Falwell family.

It was on his most recent yacht vacation — spent with his wife, Becki, their children and friends — that the evangelical leader and prominent supporter of President Donald Trump posted a photo with his pants unzipped and arm around his wife’s personal assistant that led to his indefinite suspension.

While much of the controversy surrounding Falwell has focused on his personal behavior — especially in light of Liberty’s conservative Christian values — some trustees are also concerned about his oversight of university funds, current and former Liberty officials told POLITICO.

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5 comments on “Falwell’s use of yacht comes under scrutiny

  • Well…Jesus liked to go out in fishing boats, and jollied up to the crew to get free rides.  He was apparently a good man to spot a shoal, and he had a party trick of “walking on water” – probably with the help of a polystyrene surf board.  Jerry’s just redefining Jesus’ activities described in the Gospels, in a new more modern way appropriate to an acquisitive capitalist society.

    Jesus turned water into wine and wine into blood, Jerry’s just done it the other way around, wine to water and water to piss.

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  • Remember Robin Williams as Popeye? At the end of the movie he also walked on water. It was very shallow; they didn’t do a good job of covering up that camera trick, and then he walked off the edge of the shallow water, proving that they weren’t really trying to fool the viewers.

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  • Have you considered a career in politics?

    I did , yes, but I have a cardinal fault, I can’t keep my mouth shut.  Too old now anyhow, but considering the goings-on here recently, I don’t think that I could do much worse than the current crowd (see; golfgate on any Irish news website or twitter etc).

    Thanks for the kind post about my literary effort.

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  • It’s a motor yacht!  lmao

    You can buy several capable blue water sailboats for what this idiot pays to fill up the tank.  –nevermind what he’s paying to maintain it, and to have someone else manage it! These people make me sick.



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