Jerry Falwell Jr." by Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0

Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns as Liberty University president after accusations that he participated in a partner’s affair with his wife

Aug 25, 2020

By Erik Ortiz

Liberty University’s board of trustees on Tuesday accepted the resignation of President Jerry Falwell Jr., following a daylong back-and-forth over the fate of the longtime evangelical Christian leader who spent 13 turbulent years at the school’s helm.

Falwell, whom the board had placed on an indefinite leave of absence Aug. 7 after a series of scandals, offered his resignation Monday, on the first day of classes for the fall semester and after the publication of an explosive claim made by a former business associate.

The school said its board, which includes alumni, pastors and business executives, used the meeting “to focus forward on the university’s future and steps that could be taken to ensure it remained true to its mission.”

“Our students are ready to be world changers as Champions for Christ,” Acting President Jerry Prevo said in a statement. “Their spirit is strong as they look to the future.”

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