"Asteroid Falling to Earth" by State Farm is licensed under CC BY 2.0

No, These Asteroids Are Not Predicted To Collide With Earth This Year

Aug 21, 2020

By Eric Mack

There are videos on YouTube and being shared across social media warning of upcoming asteroid impacts with the Earth, and yet scientists don’t seem so concerned.

Asteroid 2018 VP1 is the unusual case of an asteroid that could come closer to Earth than the moon and perhaps even closer than many of our large orbiting telecommunications satellites, and that was spotted years in advance of such a close pass by us.

It’s not strange for asteroids to whip by so close, or even to impact our atmosphere, but they’re often spotted just days before their close approach (and sometimes days after they’ve already flown by).

So this little asteroid is the outlier case where we know it’s coming for a visit, so there’s time to stoke the online freak out machine.

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