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President Trump’s hidden religious base: Pentecostal-charismatic celebrities

Aug 27, 2020

By Erica Ramirez and Leah Payne

Last week at the Democratic National Convention, the Biden-Harris campaign made pointed efforts to reach out to a broad range of “voters of faith.”

The convention featured Roman Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus and mainline, evangelical and charismatic Protestants. The Biden campaign’s “big tent” faith message was clear: For people of every religious persuasion, Democrats are the only party equipped to address the critical crises of racial injustice and a global pandemic that our country faces.

In this ecumenical display, Democrats followed past presidential candidates of both parties, who have relied on faith leaders to assert their spiritual fitness for the office.

On Thursday (Aug. 27), the Republican National Convention will feature a prayer from the Rev. Franklin Graham. It is not surprising that President Donald Trump’s campaign decided to give airtime to Graham, given the president’s much-reported appeal to white evangelical voters. Graham, a white evangelical leader from a legendary family and Trump devotee, will no doubt continue to praise the president as God’s man for the nation.

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