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‘This Is All Beyond Stupid.’ Experts Worry About Russia’s Rushed Vaccine

Aug 18, 2020

By Carl Zimmer

When Vladimir Putin announced Tuesday that Russia had approved a coronavirus vaccine — with no evidence from large-scale clinical trials — vaccine experts were worried.

“I think it’s really scary. It’s really risky,” said Daniel Salmon, the director of the Institute for Vaccine Safety at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Salmon and other experts said that Russia is taking a dangerous step by jumping ahead of so-called Phase 3 trials, which can determine that the vaccine works better than a placebo and doesn’t cause harm to some people who get it.

Unlike experimental drugs given to the sick, vaccines are intended to be given to masses of healthy people. So they must clear a high bar of safety standards. If hundreds of millions of people get a vaccine, even a rare side effect could crop up in thousands of people.

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2 comments on “‘This Is All Beyond Stupid.’ Experts Worry About Russia’s Rushed Vaccine

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    flyingfsck says:

    If you look at the extremely low death rates due to Covid19 in Russia and the rest of Central and Eastern Europe vs South Western Europe and the Americas, then who is right and who is wrong is very clear and written in stone: American, British, Spanish, Italian and French grave stones.  Maybe Johns Hopkins and others should be a wee little bit more humble about it and maybe, just maybe, go over there and ask for advice even.

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