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Trump: I Spoke to God About the Economy and He Trusts Me To Rebuild It

Aug 21, 2020

By Beth Stoneburner

During a small rally in Minnesota this week, Donald Trump claimed that God spoke to him about the state of our economy and how everything is going to be just fine. Strangely enough, the way God speaks sounds very similar to Trump. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

The Christian Post summarizes his statement:

He then revealed the conversation he had with God about the economic crisis.

“You know what that is? That’s right. That’s God testing me,” Trump explained. “He said, You know, you did it once. And I said, ‘Did I do a great job, God? I’m the only one who could do it.’ He said, ‘That you shouldn’t say. Now we’re going to have you do it again.’ I said, ‘OK. I agree. You got me.’ But I did it once. And now I’m doing it again. And you see the kind of numbers that we’re putting up. They’re unbelievable. Best job numbers ever. Three months, more jobs in the last three months than ever before.”

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12 comments on “Trump: I Spoke to God About the Economy and He Trusts Me To Rebuild It

  • As a Canadian I am concerned that a man of questionable ethics claims to be approved by God to do amazing things.  While I have no use for the concept of God other than to suggest that God is nothing more than an old con used to separate people from their money and individual power in what ever social system they exist in, God is still an important symbol for Americans and that shapes their politics which affects all Canadians.

    Donald Trump should be challenged as to why America’s God would use him as a vessel for change of any type. Of course this is just one more lie, of thousands and not likely to cause a stir, even though is should.  The man is likely not in his right mind, yet this sort of statement is entirely logical to the evangelical people of his country because they have faith that God works in mysterious ways which seem to include Donald Trump as vessel to heal their country by the will of their God.  Sad and quite insane, yet just one more blip in their news cycle and nothing more.  If I had faith in Gods I would pray for them.

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  • #1  “I am concerned that a man of questionable ethics claims to be approved by God to do amazing things”.

    For those who subscribe to the concept,  I think they would regard his remarks as blasphemy.

    Otherwise,  this is standard  trump BS,  from a man whose “christian faith”  is clearly as fake as everything else about him.

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  • It’s crazy how the “formula” never fails.

    1. Wear a Blue suit, red tie, white shirt

    2. Hug the flag —

    3.  Condemn the _______________ (whatever the timely scapegoat group is)_______________

    4. Claim to “TALK” to God


    The masses simply want comfort and reassurance and they find it in these 4 vacuous, nonsensical acts.  But t works every time!

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  • crookedshoes #5

    You’re right that it’s vacuous, but it’s not just vacuous. It undermines the very basis of democracy because it bypasses any need for a politician to make their case, persuade, convince, or be held accountable in any way: after all, if God’s convinced, what are you worried about, little man/little woman? It puts politics beyond the reach of rational thought or reflection or criticism. And turns candidates into demagogues, simply declaring what’s what, with the demand that it all be taken on faith.

    None of which is accidental, of course. It’s all part of the systematic dumbing-down that has taken hold of US (and UK) politics in the last 4-5 years, and it’s hugely dangerous. Scrutiny, accountability and transparency are all pillars of democracy. “God agrees with me” bypasses them all.

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  • From my perspective, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that neither side of the aisle has an actual viable plan of any sort. Neither has an answer — they need to be evolved or jettisoned.


    I say raid every sitting and potential congressperson/senator’s war chests (it is a disgrace that they exist) and  use that money to guarantee free internet to every square inch of the US.

    Then replace every last one of them with a person who knows what it feels like to be poor.

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  • crookedshoes #7

    I’d love to see a really radical program on the agenda too, crookedshoes. The US and the UK are both countries that pride themselves on their democracies, yet too often that democracy requires us to vote to keep the worst candidate out, rather than to put the best candidate in. It’s pretty feeble, really.

    Still, this time around there’s no getting away from it. Now – when democracy and the rule of law are under threat in the US as never before – is not the time to be standing on principle or wasting a vote on an outsider candidate who cannot possibly win (not that I’m suggesting that’s what you were proposing, of course). All those people who voted for Jill Stein last time around because they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton … there’s just no room for that kind of self-indulgence this time (there wasn’t last time either, but I just hope they’ve learned the lesson). The thought of a Biden presidency doesn’t excite me, but the thought of 4 more years of Trump is just too hideous for words.

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  • Marco,

    The US system is a disgrace.  It is “democracy” only because it has been traditionally labelled as that.  It stopped being an actual democracy a long time ago.  We are almost certainly witness to the fall of an empire.  And, it will fall for the same reasons that the Roman Empire fell.


    It is a money grab and not much more.

    Biden is a disgrace.  Trump is a disgrace.  Republicans are a disgrace.  Democrats are a disgrace. The American people are strong and many many of them are stand up people.  The political landscape and the rampant lying in our news is ruining what could/should be the coolest time in our history.

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  • @crookedshoes #9

    It stopped being an actual democracy a long time ago. 

    This being election season, I am often asked by various pollsters what my biggest concern is. My answer is always the same: campaign finance reform.

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  • Crookedshoes:  What we had was a constitutional republic with some democratic principles. Now we have forfeited that for a fascist oligarchy. I fear it is too late. You are right, our so-called leaders are a disgrace. I grieve for America. We must end this travesty.

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  • “A period of severe decline in terms of social and economic welfare occurred in the United States during the 2020s. By 2035, Americans finally accepted that all the patriotism in the world couldn’t save their society from collapsing. China asserted itself as the new global superpower in 2038, and continues to remain strong well into the 2040s.

    The American experiment had accomplished much, but ultimately failed. Hard-working citizens were betrayed by the nation’s greed, stupidity and superstition, like so many empires before it. Now, as predicted decades earlier, it is China’s time to shine.”

    – BBC News report, Aug 2047.

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