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Another Former Creation Museum Staffer Speaks Out About Ken Ham’s Toxic Empire

Sep 8, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

Last summer, a former employee of the Creation Museum, Ariella Duranexplained the “toxic culture” of that work environment in a lengthy Facebook post. She worked for Answers in Genesis for just over two years in “every single existing department,” finally leaving in 2017 for a variety of professional and personal reasons. She wrote about how she “witnessed rank partiality and favoritism, nepotism, inconsistent or non-existent communication, bullying, and spiritual abuse,” adding that Ken Ham had “built his legacy on the bones of employees he has knowingly driven into the ground.”

Among the many complaints were the complete lack of work-life balance — how employees were expected to spend long hours working because they believed in the mission of the group, despite the low pay — and unreasonable work requests, like standing outside in the heat with virtually no break and no real notice beforehand.

AiG never responded to her post. They never publicly acknowledged it. They never seemed to make any changes in response to what she wrote.

And now another former employee is speaking out about similar treatment.

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