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Christian group’s leaked texts call for hanging gays “in a loving way”

Sep 22, 2020

By Alex Bollinger

A Christian organization in the Cayman Islands was caught calling for LGBTQ people to be hanged “in a loving way,” and now the governor is calling for calm on “both sides,” as if LGBTQ people were at fault for the death threats.

Two weeks ago, messages sent between members of the Christian organization Cayman Caribbean Cause were leaked to the press. The British Overseas Territory has been debating marriage equality and civil partnerships for the past two years.

In one message, a Christian staffer wrote that the Cayman Islands should “maybe hang one or two [gay people] in a loving way” as a warning to other LGBTQ people.

“If this was a Muslim country, they’d be [thrown] out by the thousands,” he wrote.

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