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FEC Chair Says There’s No Separation of Church and State, Calls 2020 Election a ‘Spiritual War’

Sep 18, 2020

By Aila Slisco

Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chair James E. “Trey” Trainor III insisted that the separation of church and state is a “fallacy” while describing November’s election as a “spiritual war” in multiple recent interviews.

Trainor, a devout Catholic and an appointee of President Donald Trump, made the comments in two recent interviews with Religion News Service (RNS) and Church Militant, a right-wing Catholic news outlet.

“What we see going on around the country is complete anarchy in places where the rule of law has been completely abrogated,” Trainor told RNS. “So it is a spiritual war in that it is striking at the underlying foundations of our constitutional republic. It’s getting rid of the Christian moral principles that are the basis of the foundation of the country.”

Republican Trainor was nominated by Trump last year and his position with the FEC was confirmed by the Senate in May. He had previously worked as lawyer for Trump’s 2016 campaign. The agency that regulates election finance has been stalled since the July resignation of former Commissioner Caroline Hunter, also a Republican, which left it without the quorum required to legally vote on actions.

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3 comments on “FEC Chair Says There’s No Separation of Church and State, Calls 2020 Election a ‘Spiritual War’

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    Cairsley says:

    I do not believe that James E. Trainor’s disregard for the United States Constitution is shared by most US Americans, and I therefore hope they will disregard his politically motivated, unconstitutional comments. My only worry is that, as chair of the Federal Electoral Commission, he may be able to interfere in electoral processes in ways that falsify the results. It is totally out of order that he, holding that position, should make any such politically slanted public statement at all.

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  • Life under a powerful church would be miserable.

    His thoughts are disconnected from reality, and wholly subservient to his god delusion. He does not mention a single verifiable reason for the ongoing protests. Instead,  we are asked to imagine, as he must, that everything bad is a result of our separation from god.

    It’s not difficult to imagine how dangerous this kind of thinking is to the rest of us…


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