"High Resolution Photo of the Sun (NSF) as of January 20, 2020" by NSO/AURA/NSF / CC BY 4.0

Stunning new sun images show our star’s popcorn-like magnetic field structure

Sep 4, 2020

By Meghan Bartels

Need a little more sun in your life?

German scientists have just finished upgrading a solar telescope called GREGOR at the Teide Observatory in the Canary Islands, and the result is a spectacular new set of images of our star.

“This was a very exciting, but also extremely challenging project,” Lucia Kleint, a scientist at the Leibniz Institute for Solar Physics in Freiburg, Germany and lead researcher on the project, said in a statement. “In only one year we completely redesigned the optics, mechanics and electronics to achieve the best possible image quality.”

GREGOR began its observations in 2012 as Europe’s largest solar telescope and the upgrade project began in 2018. The upgrades included work on the telescope’s optics and control systems, repainting the observatory to reflect less light and interfere less with observations, and implementing new scheduling policies to improve the scientific output of observations.

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