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Trump’s Nominee to Fill RBG’s Seat is Unfit. By Definition

Sep 22, 2020

By Andrew L. Seidel

The name will be announced later this week. The president, a former reality show host, has a penchant for dragging out nominations in an orgy of egocentric pomp, one of his many corrosive influences. But indecent haste has driven Trump to promise to name a person willing to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat this week, just days after her death. Likely a woman. Probably Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative Catholic professor Trump gave a federal judgeship to less than three years ago.

Of course, it might be someone else. We don’t know yet, but even now we can be certain that by accepting the nomination, Trump’s chosen one is confessing that they are unfit for the office.

This isn’t because the pussy-grabbing serial liar would naturally be drawn to candidates that reflect his paucity of principle and empathy—that’s certainly true, though Trump isn’t really selecting judges, he’s outsourced that critical role to the ultraconservative Federalist Society. It’s because any nominee willingly wading into this partisan duplicity lacks the character to sit on the high court.

Above all, judges must be impartial and must have integrity. Nobody who possesses those traits could accept this nomination.

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