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Under GOP Pressure, U.S. Military Gives Green Light to Proselytizing Officers

Sep 22, 2020

By Hemant Mehta

The Department of Defense, under the Trump administration, has released new guidelines that effective allow U.S. military leaders to get away with preaching to their subordinates.

Consider this: Earlier this year, the official Facebook page for the 10th Mountain Division Sustainment Brigade — part of the Fort Drum Army base in northern New York — featured videos promoting Christianity and telling soldiers that Christianity is “so important to our livelihood.” Those videos only came down after a complaint from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation on behalf of several soldiers at that base.

Also this year, a chaplain posted a Corinthians-inspired sex “dare” on a Facebook page for an entire military division. MRFF’s intervention led to the Army’s Chief of Chaplains office to issue new guidelines to chaplains in order to prevent future proselytizing.

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One comment on “Under GOP Pressure, U.S. Military Gives Green Light to Proselytizing Officers”

  • For  a fine example of military proselytizing, see Flashman in the Great Game: Fraser, George MacDonald, Pan 1976, p 126.  I doubt things have improved much since then.

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