"Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson" by BDEngler / CC BY-SA 3.0

Black skeptics uplift their community through social justice

Oct 16, 2020

By Alejandra Molina

Darrin Johnson would like nothing better than to rid the Black community of organized religion.

The way Johnson sees it, Black people “don’t need outside beliefs or higher powers.”

“We have power,” Johnson said. “We are powerful entities. We just need to use that power.”

As an organizer with his local Black Lives Matter chapter, Johnson, an atheist, has sometimes felt a bit uneasy meeting in churches and working alongside pastors, who, like him, are calling for Black liberation.

For Johnson, Christianity has been the source of homophobia that shunned LGBTQ members in his family and has been used to “protect people that don’t deserve to be protected.”

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