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COVID-Denying Pastor Denies Climate Change: God Gave Us a “Disposable Planet”

Oct 15, 2020

By Beth Stoneburner

Many of you are familiar with the name John MacArthur because he’s the pastor of California’s Grace Community Church who’s been telling his congregation not to take the virus seriously. He’s openly celebrated the lack of social distancing and face masks in his congregation, once telling a packed house, “the good news is you’re here, you’re not distancing, and you’re not wearing masks.” In August, he falsely claimed, “There is no pandemic.” And he’s currently involved in an embittered, ongoing legal battle with state authorities for continuing to hold large church services without restrictions.

But there’s another way he’s threatening the well-being of his congregants.

Writing for The Conversation, scientist Paul Braterman draws attention to how MacArthur denies climate change.

He points to a video from 2014, using it to show how MacArthur has always tried to hurt the very people he’s ministering to.

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