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DeVos will let religious groups apply for charter grants, opening up new legal battlefront

Oct 30, 2020

By Matt Barnum

The law is clear: In order to be eligible for federal charter grants, charter schools must not be “affiliated with a sectarian school or religious institution.”

But Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said earlier this week that she will no longer enforce this prohibition. Religious organizations should feel free to apply for federal money to open charter schools, she said, and a recent Supreme Court ruling is on her side.

“Prohibiting religiously affiliated public charter schools is unconstitutional,” DeVos said at a forum in Kentucky. “The Department of Education in the Charter School Program will not discriminate and will allow for and welcome religiously affiliated applicants.”

It’s not clear that DeVos’s move will prompt immediate changes in who tries to start charter schools, and it could be reversed by a Biden administration if President Trump loses reelection next week. But it amounts to the first shot fired in what’s likely to be a lengthy legal battle over charter schools and religion in the wake of two recent Supreme Court decisions.

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5 comments on “DeVos will let religious groups apply for charter grants, opening up new legal battlefront

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    Yes Vicki, that crazy bitch gotta go! The sooner the better.

    In my younger days I would’ve been shocked that there are women who undermine other women. That was naive of me. Now I know that there are plenty of women who, for whatever reasons, hold the goal of holding all women back from personal freedom, the right to control their own reproduction and to engage in sexual behavior with other consenting adults as they see fit. Women like DeVos live in terror of sexual freedom and variety of experience. Like every extremist I know, they fervently believe it is their duty to impose their own narrow tunnel vision of right and wrong on everyone they possibly can access. That is the terrifying situation of having women like Betsy DeVos in a position of power at the top level of government.

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