"Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas" by Raul Jusinto / CC BY-SA 2.0

Evangelical leaders are a reliable clientele for the Trump hotel in Washington

Oct 19, 2020

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey

President Trump’s Washington hotel, where the average guest pays about $650 per night, has served as an epicenter of conservative politics during his administration.

And among its high-profile visitors are the president’s evangelical advisers, according to records obtained by The Washington Post. They include James Dobson, a co-founder of Focus on the Family; John Hagee, head of Christians United for Israel; and evangelist Franklin Graham. The historic building that includes the old post office and clock tower completed in 1899 has also hosted several high-profile religious events since Trump took office as well as less formal gathering, such as meetings of the president’s unofficial group of faith advisers.

It’s unclear how much evangelical leaders have spent at the hotel in total in the past four years, but they are a reliable clientele for the hotel, which has been struggling financially and was running about half empty even before the coronavirus pandemic began. Asked how they came to stay there, they offered a variety of answers, ranging from convenience to social comfort.

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