Amy Coney Barrett by Rachel Malehorn / CC BY 3.0

Ex-members of religious group mixed on Barrett nomination

Oct 12, 2020

By Michelle R. Smith

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s affiliation with the Christian community People of Praise is drawing scrutiny because of what former members and observers describe as its ultraconservative views on women. Her defenders say scrutinizing her beliefs and relationship to the mostly Catholic organization is akin to anti-religious bigotry.

But in interviews with a dozen former members of the organization and graduates of the schools it runs, most told The Associated Press that Barrett’s association with the group should be examined when the Senate takes up her nomination beginning Monday.

Some were proud and excited that one of their own could soon be on the high court, in a position to roll back abortion rights.

Others were deeply concerned about that threat, and also about the community’s teachings on gender, gay rights, and other social issues. They also raised flags about what they describe as the organization’s authoritarian structure.

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3 comments on “Ex-members of religious group mixed on Barrett nomination

  • Poor US of A (and the rest of the world, for that matter):

    “…As for Barrett, she brought up her religion herself, never shying from the topic. “I believe in the power of prayer,” she told the senators, “and it has been uplifting to hear that so many people are praying for me…”

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  • If you’re single-minded, ambitious, unscrupulous, dishonest, manipulative and prepared to join with like-minded people, God very often gives you what you pray for.

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  • listed her as being one of the organization’s “handmaids,” now called a “woman leader.”

    not only have they erased all records of her involvement with p o p

    but they have removed the handmaid label

    to distance themselves from the atwood/gilead association

    a creepy disturbing outfit


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