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Senate Confirms Barrett, Delivering for Trump and Reshaping the Court

Oct 27, 2020

By Nicholas Fandos

Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative appeals court judge and protégée of former Justice Antonin Scalia, was confirmed on Monday to the Supreme Court, capping a lightning-fast Senate approval that handed President Trump a victory ahead of the election and promised to tip the court to the right for years to come.

Inside a Capitol mostly emptied by the resurgent coronavirus pandemic and an election eight days away, Republicans overcame unanimous Democratic opposition to make Judge Barrett the 115th justice of the Supreme Court and the fifth woman. The vote was 52 to 48, with all but one Republican, Susan Collins of Maine, who is battling for re-election, supporting her.

It was the first time in 151 years that a justice was confirmed without the support of a single member of the minority party, a sign of how bitter Washington’s war over judicial nominations has become.

The vote concluded a brazen drive by Republicans to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just six weeks before the election. They shredded their own past pronouncements and bypassed rules in the process, even as they stared down the potential loss of the White House and the Senate.

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8 comments on “Senate Confirms Barrett, Delivering for Trump and Reshaping the Court

  • (Disclaimer: I’m not a USAn.)

    One thing that I find odd is that it’s an “appointment for life”. So a President/Party gets to put a person into this position of power, that lasts far longer than the 4-year term. It would make much more sense for it to be a shorter-term position (maybe longer than the 4 years, but not much…) so the influence isn’t so “permanent”; things can ebb and flow along with government and society.

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  • One step forward 50 steps back on this one.  Particularly egregious condition for women’s rights, ironically delivered by the affliction/direction of a female activist judge who also happens to be a religious zealot.  Fasten your seatbelts ladies for the betrayal of a lifetime.  Down the rabbit hole we tumble as the radical religious right squeals with glee.  At this juncture the only thing that can be termed Supreme will be the Supreme corruption of the court as a whole.

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  • Since there’s nothing to do about it whatsoever, let the religiously afflicted Justice Barrett and co. show their true colors. Maybe that’s the only thing that will sink in. People take a lot for granted here. I’m so sick and tired of explaining over and over what we’re up against and the risk of giving fanatics one bit of power over others. I can’t stand it if vulnerable people suffer but the state of the S court right now pretty much assures that the poor and middle class in US are headed for a world of pain if the ultra-conservative majority of the S court acts on the goals that they’ve stated are in their sights.

    One foot slipping off the cliff and the other is on a banana peel.

    Aroundtown  How do you stand on the court packing option?

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  • LaurieB #4

    I enthusiastically support increasing the number of justices.  The hijacking efforts of the Republicans has never been about fairness or a level playing field, they need to be fiercely challenged by Democrats and anyone else who values Democracy.  My great concern is Joe Biden taking a middle of the road approach that will offer little in recompense and relief from the criminal actions of the Republican politic.

    I fear the initial damage we will see from so-called justice Amy Coney Barrett are baked in at this point.  The desperate need to unwind this travesty is essential to right the sinking ship we are traveling on.  Just saying.

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  • I should note that I am waiting anxiously to see if Trump will be taken down on Nov 3rd, that is the billion dollar question.  As concerns his actual cash position I guess it’s more like the $100 dollar question, as enlightened by the NY Times providing a first look at his tax returns.  We can breath again once he’s gone but we have to get there first.  We can attempt the repair of the massive damage he has inflicted upon us once we have secured a certification of the election.  Something else to consider, McConnell hasn’t spent all his efforts packing the judiciary for no good reason, that is another hurdle we will face as well.

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  • Highly unlikely that he’ll go – even if he does, Trumpism will be ultra energised by the loss – millions of lumpen proletarians armed to the teeth, a regular army whose rank and file probably would not obey orders, and National Guards who certainly wouldn’t.  The ultright which had been festering for years has had four years to coalesce into a coherent, if anarchic movement, and Trump has primed them well. A perfect storm for fascism.

    Best of luck!

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