Living Science Lessons
Aug 29, 2016

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Life Driven Purpose, pg 137
Jun 28, 2016

One way to show why Bertrand Russell thought the ontological argument was bad grammar is to point out its reductio ad absurdum when applied to something other than God. Anselm’s eleventh-century version of the ontological argument went something like this: 1. God is a being than which no greater being can be conceived. 2. If …

The Necessity of Secularism, pgs 42-43
Jun 21, 2016

Not unexpectedly, Christian nation advocates emphasize letters or other writings that suggest Madison was a Christian. But their emphasis on Madison’s religiosity, just like the reliance they place on the religious beliefs of Madison’s contemporaries, exposes the key fallacy of the Christian nation thesis, which is that being a Christian somehow commits one to the …