You’ve changed my life for the better
Apr 18, 2019 · 5 

I just wanted to thank Mr. Dawkins for being outspoken and passionate against the harms of religion, as well as teaching science and the beauty of evolution, especially in America where it is so desperately needed. I want to thank him for helping me crawl out of the dark religious hole I was suffering in …

From Mormon to Secular Agnostic
Aug 23, 2018 · 1 

I am a fan of Richard Dawkins and of the work that he did as a professor of biology, and I have become increasingly grateful for his tireless work for this foundation. I was a Mormon, but have always held some non-standard views of the church. At one point I was a anti-evolution and even …

From hate to deep respect
Nov 7, 2016 · 48 

A thank you to Richard Dawkins from Janet H.
Mar 23, 2016 · 3 

Hello, I want to thank Richard Dawkins for helping me to see the truth. I once once a religious fanatic, a fundamentalist Christian. I stumbled on Richard Dawkins you tube videos quite by accident. I had no idea of evolution or what it meant or what it was. I feel so grateful to him for …

Hunter K’s heartfelt letter to Richard
Mar 14, 2016 · 3 

Dear Mr. Dawkins  I am sorry to directly go against what seems to be specific instructions not to message this email unless it is business related, but my futile attempts at finding an email at which to reach you at have bested me; I hope whoever reads this would do me the kind favor of …

Gryphon L, “You changed my life”
Feb 9, 2016

Hi Mr. Dawkins I’m emailing you in regards of how much you have changed my life. You truly made me love biology, I’m now in grade 11 and I’m working on going to university for biology. I’ve read three of your books and will continue to read more. Thank you for being such a true …

Kindest regards from Australia
Dec 22, 2015

Dear Professor Dawkins, Thank you, sir, for playing an instrumental role in my deconversion from Christianity. Public intellectuals such as yourself, the late Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris, have not only opened my eyes to my previous ignorance (yes, I was indoctrinated), but have also inspired me to pursue life as an academic at the …

I remember looking up at the sky
Dec 21, 2015

I remember looking up at the sky, baffled by the astonishing number of stars just sitting still waiting to be seen. Those summer night down in Chile, playing hide and seek, where there was no trees or grass fields to hide, just cement, a jungle of cement. I like to describe Santiago in this way. …

The God Delusion Should Have a Place in Every School Library (#8346)
Sep 12, 2014

Dear Richard Dawkins I hope you find time to read this since I was 11 I considered myself not believing in god but didn’t think much about it, as I got older ( I’m 38) I have of course realised I’m an atheist, reading news articles and TV documentaries. I recently purchased The god delusion …

Never Stop Fighting (#8345)
Sep 11, 2014 · 2 

Hello,I simply would like Richard Dawkins to know that he is an incredible human being.  He embodies everything I stand for and presents a thin ray of hope in a very ignorant world.  Thank you so much Mr. Dawkins; please never stop fighting!-Jesse   

Troublemaker of the Year (#8344)
Sep 2, 2014

For centuries we felt the urge to tell a fantastic story to explain how we got here. And we did. The story of a powerful god who created everything from scratch. What an amazing and fascinating story. Well, kind of. Someone might beg for differ here and there but on the whole it is a …