Why are we so eager to embrace conspiracy theories?
Dec 28, 2014 · 20 

By Eric Oliver and Tom Wood

Why are we so eager to embrace conspiracy theories?
Dec 28, 2014

By Eric Oliver and Tom Wood

Communicating Health Science News
Dec 24, 2014 · 1 

By Steven Novella

The Myth of Learning Styles
Dec 23, 2014 · 19 

By Ani Aharonian

No, the HPV vaccine does not cause promiscuity
Dec 22, 2014 · 13 

By Scott Gavura

Pseudoscience I was taught at a British creationist school
Sep 27, 2014 · 20 

Image credit: Gerben Oppermans/Getty By Jonny Scaramanga Students at Accelerated Christian Education schools don’t graduate with GCSEs or A levels: they complete the International Certificate of Christian Education. As BBC Newsnight pointed out last month, the ICCE is unrecognised by the qualifications authority for England, Ofqual. Nevertheless, according to responses to Freedom of Information requests received …

Persistent Pertussis
Sep 20, 2014 · 10 

By Jyoti Madhusoodanan   Amid new teachers and first homework assignments, the start of the school year often brings sniffles, coughs, and other signs of infectious diseases. In some parts of the U.S., going back to school can also mean a greater risk of students coming down with vaccine-preventable illnesses. In California, for example, the …

Fluoride: Still Not Poisoning Your Precious Bodily Fluids!
Sep 19, 2014 · 174 

By Grant Ritchey   We dentists are an evil group of sociopaths. When we’re not trying to kill you or give you chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis with our toxic mercury saturated fillings, we are advocating for the placement of rat poison/industrial waste (i.e. fluoride) in your water supply by our governmental overlords. What …