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    Pairing my socks to dry them after they come out of the washer takes ages. I use a round plastic hanger with about 20 pegs and it is a job to do. Placing the damp socks on a chair and trying to sort and hang them quickly before the chair gets damp is something I put off. Not any more! Next wash day they will be hung as I pick them, regardless of…[Read more]

  • Alan posted a new activity comment 4 years, 3 months ago

    Brilliant to read about your good progress Richard. Even now you continue to inspire! I wouldn’t mind doing the same to my own library…and also my sheet music collection if possible. I finished reading Unweaving the Rainbow s few weeks ago but it’s still on my mind, especially your explanation of probability. Such an eye opener and so good to be…[Read more]

  • Great to know you are on the mend Richard. Walking is good exercise but keep it easy for now. I also watched Neil de Grasse Tyson’s Cosmos, last year, and loved it. Couldn’t wait for the next episode and after […]

  • Reading your chapter about probability and coincidence, watching some Carl Sagan on You Tube after being reminded of him from these posts, turned on the radio this morning and a piece of music was playing with a […]

  • Just noticed the rest of the question! Ordinariness in nature becomes extraordinary when we can relate more easily to it and see it for what it is. The solar system video mentioned is excellent. In Richard Dawkins […]

  • When I was very young, maybe about 4 or 5, I can remember being in our front garden with my Mum. She pointed out some little plants called Lily of the Valley and said they smell lovely. I fought my way through the […]

  • Maybe if the metric system was introduced…you never know it could bring a modern “feel” to the country quite easily and quickly.

  • It’s good to be reminded of the skill and talent David Attenborough and his team have. His programmes are so beautiful and informative. I remember watching clamshells swimming during one of his fantastic Life on […]

  • It’s good to be reminded of the amazing skill and talent David Attenborough and his team have. His programmes are so beautiful and captivating, it is easy to forget the dedication involved.

  • It’s really good to read your posts and to know you are getting better. So many comments on here and elsewhere mention the word inspiration when they refer to you Richard, for opening our eyes and helping people […]

  • Sounds as though you are on the road to recovery…brilliant news!!

  • Take it easy and get well sooooon! Remember you have thousands of friends and followers around the world thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.