• aleopold posted a new activity comment 4 years, 3 months ago

    I’ve had rather a long and sad day, and reading “matching socks suck” from one of the most estimable people in the world was the only thing that could have brought a smile to my face. Carry on, Richard! TLO

  • aleopold posted a new activity comment 4 years, 4 months ago

    Consummate professor as ever – I just happened upon this app the other day as I was looking to do the same. Agreed – it’s a splendid program, worth every cent! I also use the “Papers” program (version 2) for the thousands of journal articles/literature I have, and it has served as an excellent organizational device.

    Cheered to hear that you are…[Read more]

  • Few can match the poetry of the Billions and Billions man. You’re in that league, Richard. Your Unweaving the Rainbow was my first introduction to poetry. — Reading about light’s finite speed – of directing a […]

  • I’ve never felt such disquiet for an individual I have no direct personal connection to. My heart simply dropped when I heard the news, and when few details were known. Richard, I’m so glad that you were able to […]