• Steven, that is exactly what I said. Eight Billion dollars. Are you two confused. Do the math!
    I don’t care about YOUR numbers. The total is Eight Billion Dollars Surplus.
    Do you understand the word “surplus”? I […]

  • Vicky, I’m not gonna do it again. He didn’t even thank me. He pointed out spots in his
    two foot tall grass we missed.
    I’m not as tolerant with idiots as I was thirty years ago.

  • Arkrid, The trade imbalance is eight billion in our favor. That’s no small peanuts. I am not wrong, your stats tell nothing about the imbalance.
    Yes, the stats are available. And we still have a surplus. And I’m […]

  • Steve, anyone who isn’t a traitor to the USA and logic is a “trump hater”.
    If you can’t see what he is doing you are lost.
    I was trained in propaganda and brainwashing techniques in the USAF.
    It was required if […]

  • Ok, I just got back from mowing a neighbors yard. He is disabled.
    And he goes to the VA. Now he tells me we have a trade imbalance with Canada.
    I say yep. We have for decades. We buy little from Canada and they […]

  • If my sign on my door reads “no christians allowed”.
    What do you think will happen?

  • Sorry Mod. I have Trumpitis. It’s an internal parasite. Makes me mean…..

  • Phil, comments not directed at you. Sorry.
    I have an anger issue lately. Since Nov 2016.
    And when blame is placed on the victim, I will make a remark and a reaction.
    We live with this shit everyday.
    Twenty […]

  • What advantage is there in wilfully deciding not to learn something new? This really bugs me. One of the main reasons America is in such a state now is because of how woefully low information…

    Well, If this […]

  • I think the specific gesture of not caring about the the specific word is a most likely a gesture of not liking the nature of the discussion.

    Well, I am sick to death of interpreting some jackass insult. So […]

  • I have an enlarged heart. I am wondering if this is going to hit the market in time.

  • alf1200 commented on the post, How Did Life Begin? 1 year ago

    Uh oh, Arkrid has been out partying with American southerners.
    Come back Arkrid, its no good for ya.

  • alf1200 commented on the post, How Did Life Begin? 1 year ago

    “Thousands” of exoplanets……..hmm. Not a very good sample size in my book.

  • If the Dems crush the mid terms then Trump has the perfect excuse for doing nothing other than play golf for the next two years. Maybe that’s his plan for the remainder of his pathetic presidency.

    What h […]

  • Thinking Americans should request other countries to boycott American businesses until Trump is gone.
    If we don’t get this disaster out of the WH, it may be the only way.
    Attacking Canada and Mexico is not […]

  • Wow. I’m confused. And I don’t agree with anyone. (sorry)I don’t agree with myself either? And I don’t even know what “feckless” means. (no, I’m not gonna google it)
    These are different times. We should not stoop […]

  • Laurie, I am sixty three and I take ten a day.
    Blood thinners are always a good idea at a certain age, high blood pressure could be related to
    our crappy lifestyle and stress is a certainty.
    And I take two aspirin a day.

  • I hope I’m not a totally ignorant Brit when it comes to the US.

    That’s a good one Phil. But you know more about America than ninety percent of Americans.
    I tell my friends to put themselves on the moon l […]

  • Part of the problem is the lack of health care. People go without operations, therapy because of the high cost .
    The government is to blame. If you can’t get your pain taken care of the cheapest way to “treat” it […]

  • Vicky
    Election fraud and corruption.
    And revising the laws to prevent the debacle that Trump is spawning.
    Nothing will change until our votes are legitimate.

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