• Xavier Combelle  #17

    Welcome to RDFRS!

    Examining one’s assumptions is a very good habit to get into. And it is something we all need to be reminded to do, because our evolution has apparently predisposed us to […]

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    Michael #109

    When I first read Proving History and On the Historicity of Jesus, I was mildly surprised to notice the gentleness and impartiality with which Dr Carrier presents his case against the historicity o […]

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    Two books that deserve to be mentioned in a bookclub on such a website as this are: Proving History and On the Historicity of Jesus, both written by Richard C. Carrier as two volumes of one project to examine c […]

  • Eejit #1:
    “… and even President Trump might manage to understand it.”
    It should certainly be brought to his attention, that he might have a go at it. But it is over one page long . . .

  • Fred Lombardo #306

    I am not a United States citizen, nor do I live in the United States of America, but allow me to offer for consideration the thought that the US President is the head of state (etc.) of the […]

  • Gerald McDonald #33

    You seem to have the methodology back to front. The explanations of the evolution of eyes are based on observations of eyes in various organisms within the framework of the established […]

  • I agree with the US Supreme Court’s decision in this case. During and after the First World War, the cross, a ready-made symbol from our common Christian heritage, was adopted as a generally accepted public symbol […]

  • Well put, Cvonmannovich! There are many aspects of meditation as a personal discipline, one of which is the development of selflessness and objectivity. Sound meditation is the opposite of navel-gazing, […]

  • Sexually molesting a child is a crime, and, besides the victim’s need for help to deal with the effects of that crime, the offender needs first to be brought to justice for his crime. Bringing the offender to […]

  • Phil Rimmer #65: “… The claim I’m going to move on to is that Reality has a left wing bias, because morality comprises those thoughts and actions that aid our mutuality and our achievements flower out of our m […]

  • At sentencing, Pastor Richards refused to take responsibility for his heinous crimes. Instead, the “good Christian man” blamed the victim while claiming he was innocent. Pastor Richards said:

    I stand before you […]

  • Have we merely kept the good?
    I had something like that in mind when I completed the sentence you quoted with the clause: “… at least when we know what we are doing.” For Christians, mostly an educated élite o […]

  • Phil Rimmer #58-59.

    Thank you for the clarifications.

    If the statement ‘we are made substantially by our cultures’ was made in the context of phenotype and the new field of research called neuroconstructivism, […]

  • If we are substantially made by our cultures, . . .
    Phil, you have slipped the word ‘substantially’ into the discourse and stymied your question. Substantially? Hardly. If the word ‘substantially’ is to be used, […]

  • Phil.

    The neurosciences are revolutionizing our understanding of the way we think and behave. It is not only the Abrahamic religions that misrepresent us; most of the Enlightenment thinkers also misrepresented us […]

  • Phil Rimmer #50

    Important as the four cardinal virtues are, I agree with you that they are not the root of morality but four basic ways in which our sense of morality is exercised to good effect. The root of […]

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    Many thanks, Phil, for the input. Being unfamiliar with Massimo Pigliucci and put off by a report of his misrepresentations of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris in his book How to Be a Stoic, I have been moved to […]

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    Quarecuss #25

    If you find that Massimo Pigliucci has something interesting to say about Stoicism or stoicism in that book, I am sure I would not be the only reader here who would like to know what you found […]

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    Quarecuss (#23)

    I have not read the book you mentioned. Even so, saying that in his book the author describes Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris as strident is not a recommendation of the book to others, for there […]

  • All good sense. The sad thing about this New York Times article is that it needed to be written at all. Secularism, such as that enshrined in the US Constitution, ensures everyone’s freedom with regard to […]

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