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  • Thank you, Phil.  Let me have a try at that.

    As I understand your objection, it’s the difficulty of going from individual gene mutations to altruistic groups?  Correct me if I’m misstating it.

    I certainly d […]

  • Zeuglodon, I was hoping for a spirited discussion of an aspect of evolution that I’ve done a lot of thinking about.  Evolution is one of those subjects where it’s almost impossible to do controlled experiments, […]

  • Zeuglodon, you wrote: “Even “individual selection” doesn’t have most of these problems, and yet individual selection is still not on the cards because, as I have repeatedly stressed, they owe their inherited featu […]

  • Phil, I think I can guess how genes controlling empathy came into being.  Any animal unable to care for itself at birth must have a mother devoted to protecting and feeding it.  For any species capable of n […]

  • Alan, madness to disagree with Richard on his named website, but I do.

    Here’s the logic.

    Most traits aren’t clearly affected by group selection.  They are controlled by the conventional method of evolution […]

  • Phil, that isn’t a terrible article; it’s simply a brief description of the controversy, with limited detail.  The Wikipedia article is longer and more detailed, and since most evolutionists aren’t groupers, most […]

  • Phil, the reason that kin selection doesn’t enter into my version directly is that group selection implies that everybody in the hunter-gatherer group would benefit from increased cooperation in that group, not […]

  • Zeuglodon … So it’s this group selection discussion that has yanked you back into action?  Great!

    Of course it’s all genetic.  One could also say that genes don’t live and die, individuals do, and it’s the s […]

  • Phil, I don’t see that the specific process of kin identification has any relevance to the mechanism I’ve proposed here for group selection.

    I believe that the mutation which is most relevant to this discussion […]

  • Phil, I don’t think it’s even all that complicated a selection process.  Take two hunter-gatherer groups.  One has mostly empathetic, cooperative individuals because of familial genetic similarity and because t […]

  • Olgun, altruism in bees and ants can be explained by the fact that I believe everybody in the hive or anthill has similar genes.  And those little guys operate by instinct whereas humans and to some extent […]

  • Olgun, I think that’s true of bonobos as well.  And it could have sometimes happened in groups of humans.  But today many ladies seem to like physically dominant males, such as athletes.  Many also like bad bo […]

  • Phil, I understand multi-level selection to pretty much include group selection as part of its definition.  If you see it differently, please explain.  I know that Richard Dawkins has always rejected group s […]

  • Seems to me inefficient because some very aggressive individuals might dominate their hunter-gatherer group and prosper to more than offset any who were killed by other groups.

    Group selection implies that more […]

  • Phil, I recently read The Goodness Paradox.  Interesting book, with speculation that as a “self-domesticated species”, humans share certain characteristics with other domesticated species such as more juvenile c […]

  • Michael, my wife and I share your contempt for today’s Republican party and those who support Trump.  She’s a very friendly, gentle person but finds it impossible to be nice to those on the other side – can […]

  • From phil rimmer: “Its not the morality of how we treat our known neighbours that really counts, it is how we intend to treat and actually treat whole classes of people, that best betrays our moral fibre.”

    That […]

  • Andy, let me ask you a question.  Why do you believe in God, and in the particular religion you subscribe to?  Was it the religion of your parents?  Was there a revelation at some point?

    The reason I ask is th […]

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