• crookedshoes posted an update 4 years, 4 months ago

    I designed a pretty cool computer system for my classroom and was super super busy getting it up and running. I had heard about the 21st century classroom for so long and yet no one had it. It didn’t exist.

    My classroom is truly a 21st century classroom. Thanks to a generous grant from an awesome company called Canvas. Real cool stuff but prob boring for everyone.

    • It sounds like a very good move in the 21st century.

      When my granddaughter reaches school age she will need such a system.
      At present she is using the keyboard for accessing children’s videos on computer screen with her dad.

      When that son of mine was at primary school he was showing his teachers how to solve computer problems.

      He is now head of Development and Technical Director of an IT company which writes and services database management business software, for governments, agencies, charities, and multinationals, to track global trade.

      I would hope my son will be able to help his daughter’s teachers set up something similar when she starts school.

    • Alan4,
      I have stations set up around the room. At each station, kids can facetime into the classroom and experience labs and lessons even if they are home bound. I also set up cameras so that kids can shoot video of labs and edit it into movies… I purchased probe ware from vernier that interfaces with the system and allows kids to measure O2, CO2, temp, pressure, blood pressure, and about twenty other parameters. Then, they can import data into software called logger pro and manipulate/graph/statistically analyze it. Further, i incorporated digital microscopes so that the kids can make slides and learn how to use software to quantify images and such…. Very cool stuff.