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    How can an atheist ‘come out’? I’ve been told many times that atheism is an absence of belief in something that others believe in. So you can’t ‘come out’ because you have nothing to declare. Should I ‘come out’ as a non-believer in pink unicorns or the flying spaghetti monster? How absurd. You should declare yourselves (or ‘come out’) as…[Read more]

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    I downloaded this last night and worked with it until bedtime, and felt I did quite well, but will continue until the paywall. From what I’ve seen so far it could be an excellent resource for Christians to help us know where anti-theists are coming from. It’ll enable us to be ready for the questions you’ll be asking us in response to the questions…[Read more]

  • Yes, and of course the issue of marriage break-up is always difficult and complicated, regardless of the community to which we belong, so I think both the church and the author could be at fault, in different […]

  • Churches are full of people, so wherever there are people there will be prejudice, bias, misunderstanding and bigotry. So somebody expecting to join a church for the ride, who thinks it will be all happy, clappy, […]

  • So many people – and not just women – leave churches with stories as sad as this. It’s time the American churches sat up and took note … and no doubt some British ones too.