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    By Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy
    A bill passed in the Florida legislature this week would effectively defund Planned Parenthood and other reproductive rights clinics by preventing state […]

    • What’s the problem here? I’ve been performing abortions in my dental practice for years!

      No… just kidding. I have to admit that these nutjobs are getting more creative in their efforts to defund PPH.


    • Agrajag #1
      Mar 19, 2016 at 9:53 pm

      What’s the problem here? I’ve been performing abortions in my dental practice for years!

      No… just kidding. I have to admit that these nutjobs are getting more creative in their efforts to defund PPH.

      Unfortunately, you are not able to carry out brain transplants for those who need their delusional minds changing to rational ones! 🙂

    • Just last week I went to see a film called TRAPPED that is showing now in Kendall Square, Cambridge (near Boston) for anyone who would like to be updated on the abortion situation here in the States. Here is the trailer:

    • -sigh, I was thrilled recently to learn that plan b is available over the counter now. Of course at ~50.00 USD many women can’t afford it. If these guys win it will stay that way.

      If you’re poor it’s got to feel like a conspiracy to keep you down…

    • Helen #7
      Mar 20, 2016 at 11:46 am

      To the guy with the chimpazee as an avatar


      That really does not answer the question, about what you find a problem, in Agrajag – (who is a dentist), poking sarcastic fun at a ridiculous anti-choice politician, who has presented a list, including schools and dentists, as serious “federally qualified health centers” for providing gynaecological services as “alternatives to the abortion and sexual health clinics”, they are trying to force to close!

      @OP – During the 2 March hearing on the proposal, state lawmaker Lori Berman asked bill co-sponsor Colleen Burton to elaborate on alternative resources for birth control, pap smears, breast exams and other reproductive services.

      Burton replied: “We have 52 federally qualified health centers,

    • Sean_W


      There is a strong element of elitism here and it’s not new to the scene. Women of the upper middle and upper economic classes here in the US have been able to circumvent the restrictions on abortion and contraception.

      Access to abortion for the financially comfortable women is not an issue at all. If abortion were to become illegal we would expect the women with some means to take a sudden interest in travel and the women with no means will set up a home abortion cottage industry. This will not go well as we know from historical accounts. The death rate will increase. Child abandonment by any means will increase.

      I really suspect that the men who make these punitive laws feel that it is their Christian duty to punish the slutty poor down and out women for the simple fact of their daring to enjoy a sexual encounter or for the sad fact that they went and got themselves raped. When it’s their own daughter who turns up preggers with no wedding band in sight, well that’s just a whole different story. A quick vacation will be planned and conveniently to a country with a liberal abortion policy. The whole affair wills cost a couple thousand thereabouts. It’s a small price to pay. We won’t even notice that it’s missing from the account because that is an insignificant amount of money in the scheme of things. But for someone who is at or below the poverty level, that’s a month’s rent, food and car payment. They have nothing in savings, no medical insurance, four children already and are working two jobs.

      If that isn’t a trap then I don’t know what is.

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    • @ Cairsley (#5) and Alan (#8)…

      Thanks for explaining my post better than I could!

      @ Helen (#2)…

      When my wife and I decided to stop having children (after 2), it was I who had the vasectomy to avoid my wife needing to take drugs. Hope this helps. (Mods: No snark intended.)

      Can we all be friends now?


    • “I always notice that it’s GUYS who leave “humorous” comments about PP and birth control.”
      Guess you’ve never seen the garbage that my conservative sister posts. She has the troubling habit of forgetting what she was like in her teens/twenties and feels that everyone should be ‘responsible’ in ways that she never was.

    • OR we just have sperm donors like Hugh Jackman or Dr. Brian Cox for all of our baby daddies!

      good looking… intelligent… physically fit…. no history of insanity…… white..

      dives out the cat flap