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    By Kim Willsher and Jennifer Rankin
    Salah Abdeslam, the prime suspect in the Paris attacks, will fight his extradition to France, a legal challenge that could delay his trial […]

    • The Belgium police may be regretting not following the USA executive arrest procedure of lethal force. While I am not advocating this, it does not only save time, money, spare us from tabloid outrage, enrichment of the legal profession, but also from potential terrorist rescue attempts, whether by hostage or direct assault

    • Is the kid smart, or is the kid dumb?

      Is he a victim too?

      And if so, of what?

      What sort of education was he afforded?

      Or, was he denied one?

      Does he have potential as a human being?

      Is he happy?

      Can he be turned?

      How culpable are the doctrines and dogmas of religion in the manner in which he conducts himself?

      Am I asking stupid questions?

      I had a really good start in life, was spoilt, and have made some terrible choices in my time, but somehow I’ve come through; but I haven’t had to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous religion!

      Now, he has to learn lessons; and he can think himself lucky that he’s not in the hands of his heroes!

      Fuck wit; fucking prick!!!

    • ”…The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers…”
      – W. Shakespeare

    • I take it that Psychoanalysis of such individuals is routinely done, to see if there are any common factors among them.

      Any traits common to all those who would appear to be drawn like moths to a fame towards religions.

      I’ve known quite a lot of such people, who never stop searching for “the truth”, but in many instances are victims of stings by fraudsters.

      I’m reminded of an exchange in the film On The Waterfront, when one character asks another: “What’s his racket? The other replies: “Racket? He’s a Preist!” And the questioner then says: “You kiddin’ me, that don’t make no difference.”.

    • Taking him dead rather than alive might have been gratifying to some, but this way he’s still a source of information. I hope they’re good at extracting it.

    • @stafford-gordon

      I take it that Psychoanalysis of such individuals is routinely done, to see if there are any common factors among them.

      From my work, yes that does happen. It may be via inference, if constructive interviews are refused.

      I suspect that a subset of the species homo sapiens are capable of this type of activity, regardless of the motivator. Religion is a powerful catalyst, but the same activities are done by nationalists, (Basques / IRA). Environmentalism, for and against. (The French sinking the Rainbow Warrior and Sea Shepherd on Japanese whalers) Economic terrorism is common, particularly in America. A first world nation with a large third world population that carrier American citizenship.

      I would speculate that we are motivated to act by perceived incoming evidence, real or imagined. Some of us need very little motivation to act, Salah being one, and some, need much more. e.g. Sea Shepherd which I support. On a motivation scale of 1 to 10, the level of motivation to act varies for each person. Saleh is a 2. I’d be a 9. I act as much as I can slaying the irrational that infect places like the New Scientist Facebook page.

    • David R Allen @ # 8.

      I’m relieved to hear that heads are being examined!

      For my part, I struggle daily against notions which arise in my mind for which there is no evidence; maybe that’s just little old me, but I suspect it’s an emotional aspect of our make-up which has evolutionary origins and is therefore something we all have to deal with to a degree.

      And with regard to the motivation to act, my wife gets annoyed with me because I don’t act until my back’s against the wall! That, quite simply, is because I need to be as certain as possible that my actions will be justified and fruitful.

      As for the anti-social media “Wild West” of Facebook, and Science; I entered a DOB of January 1 1915, and no one’s questioned it.

    • Sorry mods, but I missed the boat in editing time.

      The end of my last comment was finally meant to read: As for the juxtaposition between the anti-social media “Wild West” of Facebook, and Science; I entered a date of birth on Facebook, of January the first, 1915, and no one has yet questioned it.

    • The deliberate killing of civilians , to create ” terror” in the civilian population and force governments to change their policies, has been a tactic used throughout history and by all peoples . To give recent examples from ” our” side…Hiroshima, bombing of German cities etc.

      Nobody is suggesting that those involved had some sort of personality disorder or ” unjustified beliefs”, so why think that modern terrorism can be reduced to these issues?

    • David R Allen #8
      Mar 21, 2016 at 2:59 am: the level of motivation to act varies for each person.

      I came upon this in the Portrait of Mr WH by Oscar Wilde.

      Marytdom was to me merely a tragic form of scepticism, an attempt to do by fire, what one had failed to do by faith. No man dies for what he knows to be true. Men die for what they want to be true, for what some terror in their hearts tells them is not true.

      I wonder…

    • Steve @ # 11.

      You make a good point; I think the common factor in these atrocities is our tendency towards mass hysteria; things reach such a pitch that the tipping point becomes impossible to resist, except in the case of an individual, and that by its very nature has no bearing on the overall outcome; such events render the individual irrelevant.

      I think that if IS had the resources to carry out crimes such as occurred in Dresden and Hiroshima, they probably would do so.

    • @eejit #12

      A quite superb insight from Oscar…

    • phil rimmer #14
      Mar 21, 2016 at 11:05 am

      @eejit #12>A quite superb insight from Oscar

      Aint it just! I think that it would take someone much brainier than I to draw out all the meaning and ramifications from it. I have an uncomfortable feeling that he is largely right, that fanaticism is the child of doubt, and that suicide for a cause, absolves the devotee of the burden of sinful doubt and confirms the dubious belief through the act of dying for it. All of which sounds a bit metaphysical coming from me!

    • But just look at him! He’s a poor, lost, uncertain, sad little wretch. How could such an innocent looking lost child find himself perpetrating such evil?

    • NNA @ # 16.

      As I see it there’s only one way out for him; come over and come clean.

      If he does as he’s told his life will change; if he doesn’t it will end.

      I wonder how long it’ll take for that penny to drop.

      It’s going to be a waiting game.

      And if he genuinely has nothing to impart? Well, then he’s genuinely fucked!

    • However, Mr Mary denied media reports that Abdeslam, 26, would become an informer in return for more lenient treatment.

      Oh yeah?

    • Oscar expressed it beautifully. I can’t remember who said that suicide was the sincerest form of self criticism. There seem to be a lot of seriously depressed “believers”