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    By Phil Torres
    While the New Atheist movement isn’t, and has never been, a monolithic phenomenon, its primary motivating idea can be reduced to a single statement, namely that r […]

    • One of the really worrying features, is that faith-thinkers: – be they religious fundamentalists, AGW deniers, anti-vaxers, New-Age Woosters, or anti-scientists in general; – are numerous on this planet, and most are utterly oblivious to, and in denial of, real catastrophic risks, even the ones who have their own fictitious “end-time” beliefs, are blind to actual evidenced risks!

    • This struck me-

      As a matter of fact, a 2015 article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that one can draw a fairly straight line of causation from anthropogenic climate change through the record-breaking 2007-2010 Syrian drought, the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, and the rise of the Islamic State circa 2014.

    • If it does nothing but consume and reproduce, what is it? A virus, a bacteria, and schizophrenic people, that think they’re intelligent. Global Economy, is the leading cause of Global Warming and Climate Change. Global Economy, is reliant on exponential human population growth to work. The exponential increase in one country’s population, equals an increase in another country’s GDP, or Gross Domestic Product. Thus creating and sustaining the Global Economy.
      Problem, Human population growth in the last 24 hours, 200 000, that means you the human race birth and build a city, the size of Rochester New York, EVERYDAY. Human population growth in the year 2015, 82 million, that means, you the human race birth and build a country, the size of Germany, EVERY YEAR. This, is how the Global Economy works, YOU, are psychologically reliant on that Global Economy, so are 7.410 billion other people, that, consume and reproduce, faster than any virus or bacteria known to man.
      The greatest risk to man, is man, not asteroids, nuclear bombs, and other worldly phenomenon of uncontrollable circumstance. You ALL believe, in four words, written 2000 years ago, theists, atheist, agnostics doesn’t matter, you all believe “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is an absolute truth, as it pertains to human behavior on earth. This, is where you’re ALL wrong, for as long as man has recorded his history, he’s recorded his violence, it is a quite natural and normal human behavior, contrary to popular belief. Evolution is: A perpetual state of natural selection in an uncontrolled environment, adapt and survive, or die trying. Natural Selection, not National Election. Bibles, Qurans, Constitutions, Universal Declarations, Justice systems, ALL designed by man, to control the environment, so he doesn’t have to adapt to survive.
      This, is earth, did God put dinosaur bones in the earth, just to test your faith, or question your intelligence? YOU, are in fact, a very small part, in a billion or more years of EVOLUTION, on a sphere of life, that’s been here for billions of years, in the middle of that which is galactically infinite, there is nothing you can do to change that, and for 40 000 years, mankind has repeated the same mistake, with a 100% failure rate, name one empire, in the history of manmade empires, that didn’t fail? What did they all have in common?, They all thought they were intelligent, and could design a controlled environment, so you, how did he say it “Even more, numerous empirical studies have shown that, to quote the sociologist Phil Zuckerman, secular people are “markedly less nationalistic, less prejudiced, less anti-Semitic, less racist, less dogmatic, less ethnocentric, less close-minded, and less authoritarian” than religious people. And the most secularized countries tend to be the happiest, the most peaceable (according to the Global Peace Index), and, as reported by the Economist’s think tank several years ago, the “best places to be born.” While Christopher Hitchens’ declaration that “religion poisons everything” might be somewhat exaggerated, religious belief is consistently associated with diminished levels of human flourishing.
      “Flourishing” is in fact the problem, the quest for Global Peace, is the problem, and this guy (Phil Torres) is just claiming (he’s possibly an atheist), but yet still defends the religious ideals of “peace”, as you can see, this person cutting up religion, still believes in religious values, and it’s those values, that create the real problem, Global Overpopulation, to sustain the psychological reality, you have ALL been designing, for the last 2000 years. A complete psychological thesis of, history (40 000 years), psychology and human behavior, Mathematics, Law, and biology, (viruses) can be seen here, every human being on this planet believes in a controlled environment, whereas, the natural evolutionary process that created you, is anything but.

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    • Climate change will gradually reduce the quality of life in wealthy countries and cause massive displacement and suffering in some poor countries (Bangladesh springs to mind). The reduction in biodiversity due to habitat loss will be significant and make the Earth a far less interesting place to live.

      That being said, there is no way that climate change is as dangerous to humanity as the nuclear brinkmanship of the Cold War. The world could have been rendered unlivable in under an hour. Even if the very worst-case global warming scenario comes to pass, humans could still live in large numbers away from the coasts. Sea level rise will happen slowly enough that cities can be abandoned without significant loss of life in poor countries, and protected by sea walls in wealthy countries.

      This assumes that no new technological breakthroughs happen in the mean time. In reality, 40-50 years from now we will likely have robots helping us build structures 10x faster than we do today. We may be able to deploy clouds of intelligent nano-mirrors to shield us from excessive heat or at least inject sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere (obviously, prevention would be preferable, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards).

      Again, climate change will likely be a huge disaster, but more on the scale of a WWI than a WWIII.