• Photo credit: Ketevan Kardava—Georgian Public Broadcaster/AP
    By Olivier Laurent
    Blood is running down the woman’s face as she looks around in fear. She’s lost a shoe and her shirt has been ripped to shreds in th […]

    • “War can be reduced to the formula: You die for your ideals, because its not worth living for them

      Now that sounds like a fair definition of jihadi psychology to me, but actually it was written by Austrian Robert Musil at the end of WWI in 1918

    • The beauty and strength of the older woman, and the abject horror, despair and incomprehension on her face. Her unawareness of her bare, wounded flesh. The younger woman with a mobile phone in her blooded hand is quite calm, alert, charming, almost pert, almost smiling as she titivates her hair with her free hand. A very strange and unsettling juxtaposition of reactions.

    • Lives suddenly transformed; a haunting image.

    • This is what religion is all about , manipulation , mind control ,people abuse , terror .