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    By Mark Joseph Stern
    On Wednesday night, in the course of just a few hours, North Carolina became the most anti-LGBTQ state in the country.
    In a […]

    • I think USA stands for:

      United States of Antiquita

      or maybe: United States of Asses

      And NC is now the abbreviation for “Non compis”

      Clearly North Carolina is unconcerned about the way they are perceived by the outside world, assuming any of them are actually aware that there is a world beyond their borders

    • This is just so petty. Imagine a law that blocked black people or Muslims from using public washrooms. What do they expect them to do, pee on the ground?

    • I think this law is primarily designed to reassure the voters of the politicians’ bigotry. If anybody challenges this, surely the supreme court will overturn the law. You can’t go arbitrarily scapegoating groups, denying them standard civil rights.

    • “Unless you’re like Me

      You’ve no right to Pee”

      North Carolina’s new motto?

    • It’s hard to know where to start with putting my disgust into words with such people in the world. A long time ago I came to the sad conclusion that what differentiated the USA from most other countries was that it is actually two separate nations populated by two different species. On the coasts primarily, or more correctly the four corners of the lower 48, live the blue species who in most respects seem passably similar to most other humans such as we Brits. However running down the centre in what I like to call The Great Swathe of Stupid, and in a few other places such as the bible belt and the Carolinas live the red species who at times I find it difficult to even think of as fully human.

      They appear to be devoid of empathy, have no concern for the poor or disadvantaged and continue to repeat the same actions while expecting a different outcome such as trying to repeal Obamacare 50 times or reducing tax rates in the vain hope that it will increase tax revenue in what Einstein categorised as a sure fire test for insanity.

      One might have thought that at least in an election year they’d try and keep the most egregious aspects of their madness out of the public eye but apparently not. At least anyone thinking of voting for Trump can see what sort of people Republicans represent now. Vile bigots who should be driven out of office and never allowed to return.

    • Last year while watching tv I chanced across a program called My Transgender Summer Camp on Channel 4. I missed the first few minutes but caught those on a repeat sometime later. It was about transgender children in America, the hatred and discrimination they face and how a few good people on the other side of the fence try and make up for this, especially at the summer camp that has been set up for them where for a short while each year they can live in an environment of love and safety.

      It was the most extraordinarily uplifting and beautiful program I’ve ever seen. Towards the end of it a schoolteacher is featured trying to help and advise one of the trans children in his care and saying how proud he is of her bravery and fortitude in the face of the bigotry she faces on a daily basis. You could see how much his concern and love meant to her as her face lit up. I was so moved I tracked this teacher down on google and emailed him at his school to say how much his concern for this little girl had meant to me. He in turn shared my emails with her parents to let them know that there were at least some people out there in the world who didn’t hate others for their differences. He reported back to me that they had been incredibly touched by all this and delighted that the program they had featured in had affected people’s lives.

      When you see what it is like on the bigoted side of the fence with these legislators trying to undo all the good work that a few good folks devote their time to it fills me with despair.

      Anyway you can watch the program here

      or on the Channel 4 website, or via a torrent download.

    • The program was indeed wonderful, Arkrid. As was your action in response. I am quite prickle-eyed.

      I must do more of such things myself..

    • Misleading title. This law is stupid and sad, but it doesn’t really affect all LGBTQ people, only the “Ts” and possibly the “Qs” (questioning?) are affected, right?

    • It seems that money is speaking louder than religion. I don’t suppose it’s big business getting a conscience…. N’ah. That couldn’t be it. But the good news is that if North Carolina goes ahead with the bill discriminating against people on the basis of a naturally occurring trait, then big business seems to be saying they’ll move their money elsewhere.

      Major companies in North Carolina and across the nation have been quoted over the last 24 hours “taking a stand” against that state’s instantly-infamous House Bill 2, which strikes down already-enacted legal protections for LGBT persons in Charlotte and nine other municipalities and prohibits the passage of any new anti-discrimination measures in the state. The law was signed late Wednesday night by Republican Gov. Pat McCrory.

      And indeed, a passel of big businesses have issued statements reaffirming their “commitment to nondiscrimination.” Those words from Bank of America, which is headquartered in Charlotte, the state’s most important commercial center. BofA also expressed its “support for LGBT employees through progressive workplace policies.” Among the others lining up on the side of nondiscrimination are Dow Chemical, Facebook and Biogen, which have industrial facilities in the state, and Google, Apple and American Airlines, which operates a regional hub at Charlotte airport.

    • There’s a fairly simple reason why the Bill in Georgia was vetoed and the one in North Carolina was signed. Governor McCrory in NC is up for re-election this year and he can’t afford to lose the support of the religious right who were pressuring him to sign this disgusting legislation. However in JawJaw Governor Deal isn’t up for re-election in 2016 so he’s less worried about votes at this exact moment than he is about losing big corporations who have operations in his state, the jobs that go with them and then getting hammered by the Dems on his unemployment stats in a couple of years time.

      As I said a couple of weeks ago, politicians are just mirrors of their electorate and exist only at their whim. It’s not hard to be disgusted by politicians like McCrory but he wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for millions of Americans who are equally vile and whose opinions he represents. Change the culture and the politicians like him will also disappear. In time as the angry old white men die off and a more tolerant and open younger generation take their place this will happen anyway.

    • @OP – The measure revokes local gay and trans nondiscrimination ordinances throughout the state, effectively legalizing anti-LGBTQ discrimination, and forbids trans people from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

      So this stupid law is going to force shapely trans-blonds of female appearance with gender reassignment, to use the gents toilets, rather than going to a cubicle in the ladies!!!

      Don’t they have enough brain to see a problem with that?

      Goodness knows where the hermaphrodites will go?

    • Alan4discussion #13
      Mar 31, 2016 at 5:32 am

      Don’t they have enough brain to see a problem with that?

      Oh Alan, you seem to have forgotten that right wing deluded puritans insist on brutal punishment for lascivious behavior of all types. Sluts must be punished with unwanted babies, poverty and public humiliation. Gays and other types of sexual “freaks” must be outed and beaten by sexually “correct” upstanding family men. Forcing trans people to reveal themselves in this way makes their task soooo much easier. They consider it to be their duty to set the rest of society on the straight and narrow path to puritanical wholesome correctness. That’s how their story goes.